Chiza speaks on Nakamba prophecy

WHEN Zimbabwean international midfielder Marvelous Nakamba made his international debut, it was not just because he is a naturally gifted footballer but also through guidance by his ‘spiritual father’ Prophet Blessing Chiza, founder of Eagle Life Assembly in Bulawayo.

The popular man of God prophesied seven years ago that Nakamba would move to a big club in Europe.

In a video footage posted on his Facebook page (Dr Prophet B S Chiza), the clergyman gave the prophecy on 25 May 2014 while holding Nakamba’s football jersey – Nakamba was playing for Nancy at the time.

“You are going to other big teams in Europe, from Nancy, I see you rising, God is going to take you. If this does not happen, people will not know God. It has to happen according or against their imagination. Young man, you shall be very rich.”

Commenting on the video which is making rounds on social media networking sites, Prophet Chiza said faith decides whether something will happen or not adding, “as for Nakamba all the choices he made, he was following my prophecies”.

“It’s a journey I have walked with Nakamba which many people didn’t know. People should understand that Nakamba is my spiritual son and a member of Eagle Life Assembly. One thing about Nakamba is that he feared God and that’s why he reached where he is now. Look at his age, he is still young and will go far. I, however, don’t give credit to myself, it is the power of God. I’m one prophet who is against the use of juju in soccer and that’s why I’m always encouraging him to pray for strength in trusting God,” said Prophet Chiza.

Explaining his 2014 prophecy, Prophet Chiza said: “What happened on that video is that Nakamba, who was playing for Nancy FC in France at the time and was not getting enough playtime, came with Kudakwashe Mahachi so that I pray for him. He was also thanking God and giving a testimony on how Nancy FC had signed a second contract with him after my prayers.

Prophet Chiza

“Nakamba presented his club jersey to me on that day of the prophecy and I still have it. That is also when I made the prophecy which has since gone viral on social media platforms. He had actually come to testify how my prayers had improved his play in France,” added Prophet Chiza.

He adds: “I told him he was premiership material and that is also when I foretold him the colours of his next clubs and the colours I prophesied are that of Vitesse in Netherlands and his current club Aston Villa. I also told him he will be very rich and drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini. It’s unfortunate the prophecy of the cars is not part of that video which is circulating on social media.”

Prophet Chiza said people were now seeing his special gift from God through Nakamba’s success.

“While he was in Zimbabwe for mid-season player break, he came to my house and said, ‘My father, my father my agent has told me that there are two teams which are after me, one in Netherlands and another one in Germany.’

“That is when I asked him which one has the colours (yellow, black and white) I had prophesied before, and it occurred that it was a team from Netherlands (Vitesse). I told him to go to Netherlands for trials and at that time Netherlands had just won the World Cup. He didn’t want to go for trials fearing that if he did so and failed to impress, Nancy FC would revoke his contract. I however, prayed and instructed him to go. After he impressed, I reminded him, he should not doubt the power of God since all his successful moves were a result of following my prophecies,” he said.

Nakamba is not the only Warriors star who is plying his trade outside the country that Prophet Chiza has spiritually assisted or anointed.
“He (Nakamba) is not the only football player I assisted. All those players I prayed for like Knox M’tizwa, and Kudakwashe Mahachi are playing outside the country,” said Prophet Chiza.

On Sunday Nakamba saved his best for last when he walked away with the Man of the Match accolade after helping his side beat Chelsea 2-1 at Villa Park.

“Very proud to make my 50th appearance for this great club. Excellent result today to end the season on a high. Thanks to our amazing fans for their continuous support,’’ tweeted Nakamba after the match. – B-Metro

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