Cassava Smartech partners with the Anglican Church

Eddie Chibi

MUTARE – Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland aimed at supporting the church with insurance, farming solutions and logistics services, among other things.

The move is expected to see thousands of members from 53 churches run by the Diocese, along with several schools and hospitals under its ambits, have access to quality medical, life and general insurance as well as other technical products from the listed financial services group.

Mr Eddie Chibi, Cassava Smartech’s Chief Executive Officer, said the group was excited to partner and assist the Anglican Church to achieve its noble objectives of transforming societies and sustaining livelihoods.

“Today’s event is evidence of Cassava’s commitment to the development of innovative digital solutions that improve the lives of people in Zimbabwe and that offer convenience. Our model is built on providing digital solutions that address the day-to-day challenges faced by our customers,” he said.

Under the MoU, Cassava will underwrite the Anglican Church’s properties, buildings and vehicles, funeral policies, medical insurance, VAYA buses and other logistics, as well as providing farming technologies.

Mr Chibi noted that in Africa the concept of insurance was still under-developed, with less than five percent of the continent’s over 1.2 billion population insured, thus hindering growth among marginalised populations.

“Our solutions are offered through an innovative model, allowing us to bring down insurance premiums to as low as US$0.50 per month, taking advantage of strategic partnerships with mobile network providers, mobile money and various industry providers. Our solutions also include mobile money platforms for premium collections,” he said.

Mr Chibi also urged other churches to follow the good example set by the Anglican Manicaland Diocese in providing their members with life and funeral cover and insuring their properties as a way of managing and minimizing risk.

In addition to insurance, Cassava will help the Diocese with a technology-driven approach to agriculture, aimed at increasing productivity within the churches’ value chain and improving the quality of lives for students, patients and parishioners.

Anglican Bishop Erick Ruwona said the church’s vision was not only to unite, empower and give life, but also to ensure that communities are living a comfortable life before they depart to be with their Maker.

“We are here as a church to improve the social and economic lives of our communities here on earth as well as in the afterlife,” he said.

Anglicans work alongside some of the world’s most vulnerable communities, and also seek to impact the influential and powerful through representation at platforms such as the United Nations.

Source – Agencies

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