Bushiri claims 2,7 million converts

Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

ENLIGHTENED Christian Gathering Church leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has rounded up his Global Prophetic Tour, saying he converted 2,7 million people to Christ.

The ECG leader’s communications director Mr Ephraim Nyondo said the charismatic preacher embarked on the mission in January this year.

Prophet Bushiri, who has 3,6 million followers on Facebook, spent the past 10 months criss-crossing the world, including a visit to Zimbabwe.

Mr Nyondo said, “In January this year, Prophet Bushiri, announced that the strategic goal for our church in 2018 is to win two million souls for Jesus Christ. The Global Prophetic Tour is just a means of reaching that goal.

“Prophet Bushiri visited the USA, India, Australia, Dubai, South Korea, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and several parts of South Africa. So far over 2,7 million souls have been won to Jesus. We are expecting more because we still have three countries to visit.

“The tour is mostly about soul-winning; bringing people to Jesus Christ and helping others to renew their faith in God. So far, as already said, the hunger for Jesus has been huge and we are on an overdrive.”

ECG was launched in 2010.

Prophet Bushiri, who started preaching at the age of nine, this year caused a stir after saying Zimbabwe would be like Dubai in six years.

Asked if the prophet was sticking to that claim, Mr Nyondo said, “Prophecy is a voice of God. Prophet Bushiri is only a conduit. So when God speaks, nothing stops it. Bushiri is only a conduit. So when God speaks, nothing stops it.”