Bishop wrecks marriage

Anna Muchena (White Blouse shirt)

A MUTARE couple’s marriage of 13 years is on the verge of collapsing as the husband is accusing his wife of sleeping with a bishop from Third World Fellowship Church. Innocent Mujoma revealed this recently in court after her estranged wife, Anna Muchena, had applied for a protection order application against him.

The couple appeared before senior Mutare magistrate Mr Innocent Bepura. Muchena told the court that her husband was abusive. She accused him of assaulting, insulting and harassing her on unfounded allegations that she was having an ex-marital relationship with their bishop. Resultantly, she said her husband was now in the habit of stalking her. She said whenever he hears that she was with the bishop he abuses her.

Innocent Munjoma

“We have been friends with this bishop for years now. He visits me frequently and we discuss several issues about life. Lately, he has been asking for help with his girlfriend because he now wants to marry her.

“However, my husband is failing to see that there is nothing going on between me and him. He is bitter that he lost the same girl to the bishop because he was also going after her yet he is married to me. All of a sudden he started assaulting me and accusing me of having extra-marital affairs,” she said.

Muchena also told the court that she once fled to her parents’ house, but her husband followed her and threatened her parents with unspecified action. Mujoma told the court that he was assaulting his wife because of her wayward character.

“I do agree that I have assaulted her occasionally because I was angered by her actions of flirting with men at night.

“Her relationship with the bishop is suspicious because they are always together.” Mr Bepura granted the order, but told them to seek help and solve the misunderstanding. – Manica Post