Bishop in court again

Bishop Nathan Tafadzwa

CONTROVERSIAL man of the cloth, Nathan Tafadzwa Gwenyaya, claims to have fallen on hard times and is seeking a downward variation of his son’s maintenance.

This comes barely three months after the maintenance order was granted to his one-year-old son’s mother, Lince Siiwa.

The Rock Foundation Tabernacle founder appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo, last Friday claiming that his fortunes had taken a nosedive due to Covid-19.

He begged for the $11 000 maintenance to be reviewed to $3 000.

Barely a month after he was ordered by the court to pay child support, Gwenyaya defaulted payment and was briefly detained by the police.

The married bishop was, however, released after paying the full amount.

During last week’s court session, Gwenyaya’s lawyer, Mr Stephen Chikamhi, said the man of cloth was now getting less from his congregants.

He said very few people were attending church services due to Covid-19.

However, Siiwa’s lawyer, Ms Natsai Nyamwanza, presented evidence that Gwenyaya was still leading a flamboyant lifestyle.

She told the court that one of Gwenyaya’s children was attending school at Hillcrest College, while the other two were at Hope Alive Group of Schools.

Both are leading private schools.

“He forks out thousands of dollars for these three children’s education, yet he wants to pay a measly US$30 for this child’s upkeep. That is unfair.

“They are all his children and they should equally benefit from their father’s earnings. If he can still send his children to private schools he should actually be asking for an upwards variation on his son’s maintenance,” argued Ms Nyamwanza.

The matter was adjourned to a later date for ruling.

Gwenyaya recently made headlines after cheating on his wife and impregnating Siiwa, who was part of his flock.

In a recent interview with The Weekender, Siiwa said the bishop allegedly paid some people to facilitate the termination of her pregnancy on four different occasions.

She claims she almost died during the abortion attempts.

The married father of three who stays in Penhalonga founded Rock Foundation Tabernacle in 2018.