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Woman uses hubby’s lover picture as profile photo

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There is a trend that you put people you love or admire as WhatsApp profile picture or status update, but one woman from Mpopoma did the unthinkable as she updated hers with her husband’s girlfriend.

She put her rival’s picture as profile picture and status update and poured out her heart making the world know the woman behind her suffering.

It is reported that when Future Gamune discovered that her husband was cheating on her with Jalin Ngwili who stays in the same suburb with them, she decided to embarrass her through WhatsApp profile picture and status updates.

A reliable source revealed that Gamune’s status updates said it without fear as she insulted Ngwili for trying to snatch her husband.

The bitter Gamune did not only insult the woman through WhatsApp status updates, but reportedly phoned and went to her place to harass her.

Ngwili then decided to end the woman’s drama by applying for a peace order against her. She said: “Gamune usually phones and insults me with vulgar words. The other problem is that she puts my pictures as her profile picture and status updates insulting me.

“She also sends messages calling me names and I am tired of her unbecoming behaviour,” said Ngwili.

She further revealed that the woman had also taken their war to extreme levels as she also insulted her children for her sins.

“I hate the fact that she now insults my children for my actions. When I started dating that man, I did not know that he was married. The man had told me and my friends that they had serious marital problems,” she said.

Presiding magistrate Lungile Ncube granted the order in favour of the applicant.