Woman shows off new lover to hubby

Khonzephi Ncube

CHECK out your replacement!

A Bulawayo woman showed her then husband pictures of the “tiger” roaming her “woods” as a way of telling him she’d moved on.

Hamilton Phiri (53) realised it was time up when Khonzephi Ncube made it clear she was madly in love with another man. He had no choice but to move out of their rented house.

Surprisingly after Phiri had accepted life’s fate, Ncube developed a habit of following him to his workplace “just for control” (to embarrass him for the sake of it).

She reportedly insulted and assaulted him in front of his colleagues.

“I dumped this woman after discovering she had boyfriends and now she comes to my workplace shouting at me.

“She is even threatening to hire kombi drivers to kill me. I now live in fear as she is also very violent,” Phiri said in his peace order application.

He added that she was a bitter woman because after they had parted ways, he married someone else and within a short time the new wife got pregnant.

In response, the fuming Ncube dismissed the allegations.

“I have never threatened to kill him, but there is a kombi driver hunting for him after he discovered that Phiri had an affair with his wife.

“I am the one who showed him my boyfriend’s picture and he never discovered on his own, so there is no way I can be bitter and follow him around,” she said.

The presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the peace order in favour of Phiri and Ncube was ordered not to physically or verbally abuse him.

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