Woman forced to search for cellphone in privates. . . As hubby’s mistress’s relatives unleash reign of terror

IT’S hurtful enough when a woman discovers that her husband is finding comfort in the arms of a side dish.

That the father of her children is cosying up to another woman and is engaging in an extra marital affair is enough to drive her mad. But for a Nyamandlovu woman — Sindekile Moyo ( pictured above) — being cheated on by her hubby, Robert Moyo is the least of her problems.

Kemina Dube

Kemina Dube

The alleged mistress’ relatives have allegedly made it their business to constantly harass and ridicule Moyo in public.

So bad is the situation that Moyo ’s alleged tormentors, who also happen to be employees at Nyamandlovu Clinic are said to be turning her life into a living hell.

Atam Dube

Atam Dube

“Atam Dube is the matron at Nyamandlovu Clinic and his sister Kemina Dube who works as a cleaner at the same clinic have made my life miserable because my husband was having an affair with their relative.

“Whenever I visit the clinic for medical purposes the two harass me. The whole affair started 16 years back. So l can say that I have been in hell for all these years,” said Moyo.

The most embarrassing episode, according to Moyo, was when she was forced to strip naked in front of strangers after being accused of stealing Kemina’s cellphone at the clinic.

She was allegedly asked to stick her fingers into her private parts to prove she wasn’t hiding the device in her organ.

“I was embarrassed in front of strangers as I was ordered to remove my clothes and stick my fingers into my private part. I know that the device was not even stolen but it was a way of threatening me. I wonder what they are planning to do next,” said Moyo Matron Atam admitted that Moyo was asked to strip naked but he refuted the allegations that he held any grudge against Moyo.

“I heard that Moyo was asked to strip naked, unfortunately I was not around when all this drama happened. However, l cannot comment on anything concerning Moyo’s fight with my sisters,” said Matron Atam

B-Metro also caught up with Kemina who denied all the allegations but ordered the journalists to stay away from her.

“I don’t know what you are talking about and I am advising you to stay away from my issues because you don’t know where it all started,” said Kemina.