Woman denies juju claims

Chipo Dailes

The woman at the centre of a domestic dispute, who was beaten up last week at Eastgate Shopping Mall over allegations that she was cohabiting with the perpetrator’s husband, says she broke up with the man in January.

Chipo Dailes, 33, was assaulted by Brenda Tsuro, 37, over claims she was dating the latter’s husband. She reported the assault to the police and Brenda is on the police wanted list.

Brenda Tsuro

“Yes I dated her man, Trisha Tsuro (39), but only because I thought he was single. I only found out he was married when she confronted me in January and then I broke up with him,” said Chipo.

Brenda took Chipo’s weave and waist beads in the fracas last Tuesday and she claimed Chipo has been asking for her waist beads because she uses juju but the 33-year-old refuted the claims.

Brenda and her husband Trisha Tsuro on their wedding day

“Yes I had waist beads but they are not about juju. I’m of Malawian origin and wearing beads is part of our culture. This woman is just obsessed and has been coming to H-Metro since 2013 with stories of different women claiming they are going out with her husband.

“She thinks everything I am doing is from her husband but I opened my own shop and I sell cosmetics and earn my own living,” said Chipo.

Chipo was left bleeding after Brenda bit her on the cheek and she lodged a police report at Harare Central police where she was given a request for a medical report.

“Akuti akashaya murume, she attacks me. I was at a funeral paakuti her husband was with me.

“I think she should just leave me alone. I have nothing to do with her husband.

“She came back to the shop on Saturday claiming she is going to Malawi with my weave and beads to sort me out. I was not there when she came but that is what she told people at the shop. Police are looking for her since I do not know her address.”

Chipo claims Brenda once hired bouncers who forced their way into her house and ransacked the home,

“So far I have two marefrences emapurisa arikuvatsvaga ekuHatfield nepaCentral. YekuHatfield she came nema bouncer aaka hire in my absence. Vakapindira gogo vari vega nevana and took all the groceries saying her husband bought them so we reported the case paHatfield Police Station.

“She was claiming kuti all the groceries anotengwa nemurume wangu of which murume wake sandiye ega anoenda kuSouth Africa mazuvano everything zvakungobva kuSA zvakazara kudowntown uko Kuma tuckshops tongotengawo ikoko or kutumirawo dzimwe Hama matruck driver.”

Chipo also disputed Brenda’s claims that her (Chipo’s) marriage collapsed after she was caught by her former husband in the arms of a truck driver.

“I was never married and all that she says is a lie. I have a child with another man but we were never married. I broke up with him on my own.” – H-Metro

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