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Woman demands pictures from ex-hubby

Chikwanha and wife
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THE court gallery was left in stitches on Wednesday when a woman demanded her pictures from her estranged husband citing that she was living in perpetual fear that he would bewitch her using them.

Rumbidzai Machipi demanded that Blessing Chikwanha give her back her pictures, which he had in hard copy at his parents’ residence. This was after Chikwanha had dragged her to court accusing her of being violent towards his new wife and himself and praying that she be barred from visiting his place of residence. Miss Nyasha Kuture presided over the matter.

“Your Worship, if you bar me from visiting his parents’ place how will I get my photos, which he has in his possession?  They are very important to me and I cannot leave them with him, what if he decides to use them to get back at me through traditional healers or white garment faith healers? I want my pictures and my child’s clothes. After that I can be at peace with him,” she complained.

After Chikwanha indicated that he would give her the photographs and baby’s clothes so that she leaves him alone, Machipi tried her luck again persuading the court not to grant the protection order. She claimed that she had every right to visit Chikwanha’s residence since his parents had granted her permission.

“His mother said that I can visit them since my child is the only grandchild that they have,” she stated.

She advised the court that the only and best solution would be for Chikwanha to move out of his parents’ house so that she could visit them willy-nilly without any restrictions because of him. Chikwanha denied paternity of the baby. He told the court that her pregnancy was only six months old when she gave birth.

“She was only six months pregnant and gave birth, not to a premature baby but a very healthy one. That clearly states that the baby is someone else’s and because of that she has no right to come to my home,” he said angrily.

He also told the court that Machipi was in the habit of assaulting and insulting his new wife and his parents whom she had been claiming to be in good books with. Chikwanha, who is a student at a local college was ordered to fork out $45 monthly for the maintenance of the nine-month old baby. Miss Kuture advised him to go for DNA tests. A protection order was also granted in favour of Chikwanha.