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Woman beds hubby’s friends

Ngorima and wife
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A BED-hopping married woman from Dora was punished by a chief’s court after she confessed to sleeping with her husband’s workmate 13 times and twice with his best friend.

Privilege Sandi was ordered to pay a beast or an equivalent amount of $300 to Chief Zimunya for her infidelity stunts.

She opened up on her shenanigans on Sunday when she appeared before Chief Zimunya’s court where her husband, Rodgers Ngorima, had dragged his best friend Andrew Jembere and workmate Malvin Mundembe.

Ngorima arraigned Jembere and Mundembe before Chief Zimunya’s court complaining that they had bonked his wife. He also wanted to be compensated.

Privilege, who was once bashed at a funeral over her loose morals, told Chief Zimunya that she slept with Jembere twice and 13 times with Mundembe. Ngorima told the court that a phone message sold out his wife’s promiscuous ways.

“It was on January 20 this year at around 8pm when my best friend Jembere called me saying he wanted to meet me at Gura so that we could discuss about a job he had found in Dangamvura. I never suspected that it was a planned move to drive me away from home and create room for the two,” he said.

Ngorima said he braved the darkness and walked to the growth point anticipating to meet his friend who never turned up within the expected time frame.

“Along the way Jembere called me again asking my whereabouts. I told him that I was already at Gura and he also said he would be there in a few minutes. I then met one of my friends who offered to buy me opaque beer which we later shared while waiting for Jembere. Unfortunately, Jembere never turned up as he had promised,” he said.

Ngorima said during the time he was drinking beer with his other friends at the growth point, Jembere was already at his house having sex with his wife.

“Knowing Jembere as my best friend, I began to suspect his moves. When he arrived 30 minutes later, I peeped on his phone and saw him typing a message which read ‘airtime tomorrow’.

“At that time I failed to see the intended destination of the message,” he said.

Ngorima said when he returned home, he snatched his wife’s phone and came across Jembere’s message.

“The contact was served as VaJembere. I then questioned her on whether my friend had passed through our place and she admitted. I also questioned her over his intentions and she became jittery. I then became suspicious and asked for her cell phone. I then came across Jembere’s message.”

Ngorima said upon questioning his wife over her relationship with his friend, she admitted to have slept with him that night.

“She admitted to having sex with my friend and she also told me that it was not the first time,” he said

Asked whether her husband’s version of events was true, Privilege did not mince her words: “It is true. I had sex with him twice,” she said.

Jembere also admitted to bonking his friend’s wife. “We had sex twice. It is true I paid her on two occasions,” he said.

Jembere, however, tried in vain to shift the blame on Privilege saying she lured him into sleeping with her.

“She was the one who first sent a ‘please call me back’. I later called her and she asked for money saying their children had been chased away from school for non-payment of school fees. She asked for $50 which I transferred via Ecocash,” he said.

Chief Zimunya ordered Jembere to pay a beast and a goat or pay an equivalent amount of $335 to Ngorima as compensation. Jembere was also ordered to pay another beast to the chief for contributing in social decadence in his area.

Mundembe defaulted his hearing. His matter is expected to be heard again on March 20, 2018. But Privilege, who claimed to be a month pregnant, stunned the chief’s court when she also confessed to have gone between the sheets with Mundembe 13 times.

“Yes I slept with Malvin. I think it was more than 13 times,” she said.

Mundembe’s wife, who was at the court, told Chief Zimunya that Privilege threatened her with death despite having an adulterous affair with her hubby.

“She even boasted of having been impregnated by my husband. She is also threatening me with death despite having an affair with my husband,” she said. – Manica Post