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Woman bashed for ‘poor sex’

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A MAN from Bambanani Village 2 in Bubi District shocked his family and other villagers when he assaulted his wife for poor sexual performance.

Molweni Mkwananzi (57) on Saturday accused his wife Angelina Mkwananzi (52) of failing to satisfy him sexually, a skill she used to possess.

They have been married for 30 years. The matter was not reported to the police because the couple said they were advised not to. It was resolved by their pastor and elderly family members.

B-Metro heard that on Saturday evening Mkwananzi asked why his wife was failing to satisfy him and why her intimacy performance was deteriorating, a conversation that heated up to the extent that he started assaulting her.

Mkwananzi said this was not the first time they had the same conversation but it never escalated to an extent that he slapped her on the face.

“We have talked about this on different occasions but I have always told him that I’m becoming old hence I can’t do all that I used to do when we got married,” she said.

“This time around he threatened to marry a youthful second wife who will be able to appreciate his sexual fantasies, and make an effort to satisfy him. I then told him that I will leave, which he did not take lightly,” she added.

Mkwananzi said her husband slapped her once and remorsefully apologised, blaming the devil for his vile behaviour.
Mkwananzi said he regrets his behaviour and will never do something like that again.

“Although this should be a private matter, I am obliged to comment since I’m the one who wronged my wife. It was the first time raising my hand against my wife and I believe the devil used me,” he said. He however, refused to comment on the reason why he assaulted her.

“I can’t be discussing what happens under my bedroom roof. I believe as the head of this family, I can determine what can and cannot be done in regard to my marriage. I am sincere about my apology but I will not explain why I did it,” said Mkwananzi.

A neighbour who declined to be identified said this was the first of its kind to hear of a domestic squabble at the Mkwananzi homestead.

“They are a God-fearing family and everyone in this village looks up to them. They always find a way of dealing with their issues without attracting public attention, a lesson these young couples should learn,” said the neighbour.

The pastor, a Makwavarira said he intervened and hoped they will forgive each other and maintain their happy family.

“With the help of the family elders, we managed to resolve the issue and encouraged Mkwananzi to try and fulfil her duties and for Mkwananzi to appreciate his wife’s effort. It is regrettable to see these two fighting over this,” he said.