‘Wife wants me dead’

A Mutasa man who is afraid that his wife will one day scald him with hot cooking oil has applied for a protection order against her.

The couple is at loggerheads over the ownership of a shop that was given to the man’s children from his first marriage.

Tsanzirai Chiuta applied for a protection order against his wife, Rutendo Mudumo, as he accused her of threatening to scald him with hot cooking oil.

Chiuta said he was happily married to Mudumo for over a year before their nasty fall-out over the ownership of the shop.

He said Mudumo is now a thorn in his flesh as she recently left for her parents’ home with all their property, including roofing sheets she removed from their house.

Mudumo is reportedly threatening to kill Chiuta.

He also said Mudumo is in the habit of stealing Chiuta’s money and threatening his children with unspecified action.

“My children are no longer at peace. They are always receiving threats from Mudumo. She has been grabbing all the property we acquired together. She threatened to kill me and I am now living in fear,” said Chiuta. Mudumo denied the allegations levelled against her.

She said she married Chiuta on June 23, 2021 following the death of his first wife, adding that at that time she was already in business as she had a thriving canteen.

“We stayed together as husband and wife in Mutasa for more than a year. When we got married, Chiuta was a fuel dealer. I do not have any children with Chiuta.

“Things were going on so well and we bought four shops together as we contributed the needed capital. The problem started when I saw some documents showing that Chiuta had signed an agreement with one of his children, Angela, which showed that his children now owned one of our shops without my knowledge,” said Mudumo.

She said when she confronted him about the shop, he assaulted her, telling her that she had no right to ask him about the shops as they belonged to him alone.

‘After assaulting me, he threatened to kill me,” said Mudumo.
She said she had to pack her property and go back to her parents’ home.

Mudumo said Chiuta sent her an audio message barring her from visiting any of the shops as well as their place of residence.

She said when she tried to visit their place of residence, her husband’s children locked all the doors and she slept in the fowl run without blankets for two consecutive nights.

She went on to reveal that her husband impregnated their domestic worker and gave her ownership of another shop and some of the property they had acquired together against her will.

She said Chiuta is now staying with the said woman.

Mudumo asked the court to help her get the property she acquired before marrying Chiuta.

In his ruling, Mr Chipato granted a binding protection order valid for five years.

Both parties were instructed to maintain peace with each other, not to deny each other access to property, not to dispose the property that they acquired together without the consent of the other party, not to insult, assault and threaten each other. – Manica Post

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