Wife disappears at night, returns naked

A BURMA Valley woman is reported to be in the habit of disappearing at night and coming back home in the wee hours of the following morning completely naked.

This has resulted in the souring of her relationship with her live-in boyfriend. The cat was let out of the bag by Tsitsi Mkonza’s live-in boyfriend, Patrick Mhukwe, after the former had dragged him to court praying for a protection order last week.

Presiding over the matter was Mutare magistrate, Mr Innocent Bepura. A protection order which is valid for five years was granted to Mkonza. Mhukwe told the court that he was no longer interested in staying with Mkonza because of her behaviour which he described as weird.

He told the court that Mkonza disappears while he would be fast asleep most of the time, only to come back the following day at around 4am in her birth suit.

Explained Mhukwe: “She waits for me to fall asleep before sneaking out. During the first days, I used to look for her all over the place, but these days I no longer do that. I just wait for her to come back the following morning and insults her.

“She comes back naked and she never answers when I ask her about her whereabouts. If she no longer wants me, then I will just pack my belongings and go because I too cannot keep on staying with someone who is of questionable behaviour.”

He admitted insulting her and labelling her a woman of loose morals. He said his actions were driven by anger. “I am sorry for calling her that Your Worship, but she would have provoked me by disappearing at night and coming back naked. It is too weird and hard for me to comprehend,” he tried to justify his actions.

This was after Mkonza had begged the court for a protection order, claiming that Mhukwe was abusive as he labelled her a woman of loose morals.

Mkonza also claimed that Mhukwe was in the habit of barring her from visiting her children in the same area.

“He is violent and jealousy Your Worship and I have had enough of him,” she said, however, avoiding the question on whether she indeed was in the habit of disappearing at night and coming back the following morning naked.

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