Wife burns hubby’s manhood: as couple quarrel over control of bank card

Phineus Chayengeni

A 47-YEAR old Mutare man is nursing serious injuries on his private parts and chest after a vicious boiled water attack at the hands of his wife following a dispute over control of a bank card.Rumbidzai Chakaamba Marimbire (27), who resides at Zesa Mutare Urban houses in the city centre, was arrested on Monday night after she poured boiled water on her husband Phineus Chayengeni as the two quarrelled over who should keep the husband’s bank card.

In an interview at a local private hospital where he is receiving treatment, Chayengeni was visibly in pain as he chronicled the events leading to the callous boiled water attack.

Rumbidzai Chakaamba Marimbire

“It happened last Saturday after I had spent the day with friends at home when I was phoned by my wife’s female employer, who happens to be a close relative. She informed me that she was together with my wife and that I should not be worried about her absence.

His private parts (covered) were badly burnt

“I understood her and my wife finally came home around 7pm and by then everything was fine. We were actually communicating well. All hell broke loose when I told her that I wanted to go to my friend’s place near our home where I had forgotten a new phone I had bought the same day.

“She started yelling at me accusing me of lying to her that I wanted to collect my phone. She said she knew I wanted to go and withdraw money from my account. She then demanded to have my bank card. I refused. I never thought it would go this far. She then went to the kitchen and came holding a pot. Suddenly she threw boiled water at me, leaving me in intense pain.

“I was only assisted by my superior at work who took me to hospital. I am in great pain and I am just thankful that I missed death by a whisker,” he said.

Chayengeni said he had endless disputes with his wife, but is now no longer interested in staying with her after the attack.

“I think I have had enough. I am no longer interested in staying with her. She should just go back to her parents otherwise she will succeed in her mission to kill me,” he said.

The family maid, who refused to be named but was present when the ghastly incident occurred, said that the two have a history of quarrelling over issues related to use of money.

“They used to quarrel over issues related to use of money. The wife is employed as a teacher at some crèche but she always insisted that she is the one who should keep the husband’s bank card. However, the husband would provide everything for the family. He was a responsible husband and he would insist that he should keep his bank card since he was able to provide for the family.

“There were also accusations of infidelity as the husband was convinced that his wife was cheating on him. It is sad, the injuries that he suffered were so severe,” she said.

A neighbour, who also requested anonymity, said that Chayengeni had come a long way tolerating abuse at the hands of his wife.

“They always quarrelled for different reasons and I remember at one point the husband was hacked by a hoe and sustained injuries. He never reported the case to police. It is sad that it had to come this far,” he said.

The latest incident comes barely a fortnight after another Mutare couple was involved in a similar hot cooking oil attack after a marital dispute. – Manica Post

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