War over hubby

BUSINESS at the Mutare Civil Court was brought to a halt last week on Tuesday as two women traded insults over a man.

The free drama unfolded after Olivia Makoni had dragged her ex-husband’s new wife — Daisy Madamombe — to court. The pair appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo.

Makoni was seeking a protection order against Madamombe as she highlighted that the latter has been badmouthing her for the past decade. She also claimed that Madamombe snatched her husband Paul Mwonzora. “She wrecked my marriage. She hates me with a passion and badmouths me to my former in-laws. Everyone has now turned against me,” complained Makoni.

However, Madamombe revealed that Makoni’s application was a counter application to hers which was filed a fortnight ago.

Madamombe said on countless occasions, Makoni has humiliated her at her workplace as she tells her colleagues that she is a marriage wrecker. She also told the court that when she met Mwonzora in 2011, he was already divorced.

“When we got married, I was informed that Mwonzora had sired children with Madamombe. I have been taking care of those children for all these years but this woman disturbs my peace. She calls me non-stop, accusing me of seducing her husband.

“She says I’m a woman of loose morals. I once proposed a meeting to solve the matter but she refused to meet as she believes that my in-laws will take my side,” said Madamombe.

The protection order was granted in Madamombe’s favour. Mr Murendo advised her to file an opposing affidavit to Makoni’s application.