Tormented man sleeps with one eye open for fear of . . .Ex-wife from hell

Mellaine Moyo

A man from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo is sleeping with one eye open like a crocodile because of his ex-wife in the habit of coming to his place late at night forcing herself into his bedroom through a window.

Thabani Sydney Siziba claimed he was living in fear of his ex-wife Mellaine Sibonginkosi Moyo who is constantly harassing him for no apparent reason.

Thabani Sydney Siziba

Thabani Sydney Siziba

Siziba claimed Moyo has been stalking and threatening him while also accusing him of stealing the good life she once had with him.

The seemingly fed-up Siziba last week approached the Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a protection order against Moyo.

In his application Siziba who said he had lost count of the occasions Moyo had publicly subjected him to verbal and physical abuse. He begged the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure to bar Moyo from coming to his place and drinking spots he usually hangs around with his friends.

“I have been sympathetic and tolerant to my ex-wife’s violent behaviour. She is verbally and physically abusing me. She is also harassing my friends and now they no longer feel comfortable whenever I am with them.

“Sometimes she comes drunk and knocks on my bedroom window late at night and early in the morning before she tried to force herself into my bedroom through the window.

“As a result of that I had to put some burglar bars so as to stop her from forcing herself into my bedroom. She is not only a danger to me but to all the people I hang around with,” said Siziba.

He said Moyo once attacked him with an empty beer bottle and as a result of her violent behaviour he runs away each time he meets her.

Moyo however, defended her actions saying she would be acting in self-defense.

“I am not against his application but it should be known that I would be acting in self-defense since he had been the first one to verbally and physically assault me,” said Moyo.

The magistrate in her ruling ordered Moyo not to verbally or physically abuse her ex-husband in any way and to stay away from his place. – B-Metro

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