1       Get to know yourself better

It’s important to know yourself so you can know what type of partner you’d like to be with. Engage in self-examination: who are you? What do you like? Where do I like to hang out? What type of person would I like to be with? When you have all the answers to these questions you’ll be ready to enter the dating pool.

2       Compromise

During a relationship there’ll always be differences – in taste and ideas. However, remember a relationship is all about compromise. You don’t have to like the same things or do the same things but it will benefit the relationship if both partners meet each other halfway. Some days you could do what the one partner likes and on other days you can do what you like.

3     Communication

It’s always important to put your feelings out there when you’re upset about something. Let the other person know how you feel about something and stop assuming they already know. To avoid arguments, write a note about how you feel then give it to your partner. Expressing how you feel is important

4     Keep the relationship fun

A romantic relationship isn’t meant to be serious and formal. Partners should enjoy each other. Try new things together, go out and always keep the relationship exciting and fun.