Top cop Viera in nasty divorce

A ZRP top cop police superintendent Nyambo Viera’s marriage is on the rocks after his wife Dorcas Viera(nee Mabika) has filed an application for decree of divorce at the High Court seeking to end their 15 year matrimonial union.

Mabika claims that the marriage is irretrievably broken and the pair has not been intimate for the past five years despite staying together.

The couple had three minor children together aged 16, 12 and 7.

The marriage relationship between the two parties has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that the parties can no longer live together as husband and wife  in particular that parties have constant arguments and disagreements in consistent with continuation of a normal marital relationship.

The plaintiff (Mabika) has lost affection for the defendant (Viera) and parties have not exchanged conjugal rights in a period in excess of five years despite staying together,” read the summons.

She prays to get the custody of the minor children while her husband can be allowed to access them on alternating weekends and public holidays.Mabika is demanding that Viera pays $830 for the maintenance of each child until they reach at least 18 years.

Mabika also revealed that during the subsistence of their marriage the parties acquired three residential properties and one commercial stand as well as three motor vehicles and other household goods.

She wants the court to grant her the low density house in Manyame Park surburb while the husband remains with another house in Unit J Chitungwiza, a home industry stand in Unit G, Makoni and an undeveloped stand in Haydon Park in West Gate.

In terms of movable properties Mabika said she wants a Nissan Qashqai while the VW Bora and Honda Fit should remain with Viera.

Viera is yet to respond to the claims.