Stray love message lands woman in trouble

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A WOMAN from Lupane Business Centre was battered by her angry husband after he stumbled on a ‘‘stray’’ love message on her phone.

Caroline Moyo (23), who is a nurse aide, had to dash to a police station to report physical abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Musa Moyo (38).

The matter was then referred to court.

She told the court: “We were relaxing at home then I received a stray love message on my WhatsApp from an unknown man. My husband, who was just sitting next to me, saw the love message which read: ‘I love you and I cannot wait to meet up with you’. After that he started to accuse me of cheating on him and labelled me a prostitute who sleeps with her colleagues.”

Caroline described her husband as an abusive monster who is in the habit of bashing her whenever a misunderstanding arises between them.

“My husband is very abusive, whenever we have a misunderstanding, he gets angry quickly and hurls insults at me, at times he bashes me while accusing me of being a stubborn woman of loose morals,” she told the court.

Musa shot down his wife’s defence: “I strongly believe the love message was from her lover because when I tried to wrestle her phone from her so that I could send the message to my phone to use it as an exhibit she quickly deleted it and that cemented my suspicion that she was cheating on me.”

Magistrate Ndumo Masuku found Musa guilty and ordered him to pay a $10 000 fine. If he fails to pay, he will have to spend three months in prison. – B-Metro

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