‘She is a cash milking machine’

A MUTARE man is accusing the mother of his three children of using them to earn money.

Gilbert Gwatiringa aired these sentiments last Wednesday at the Mutare Civil Courts where he had been dragged by his ex-wife, Lydia Dzere, who was applying for $10 000 monthly maintenance for the upkeep of their three children.

Mutare magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi presided over the matter.

Dzere told the court that Gwatiringa is a builder who earns $20 000 every month. She said Gwatiringa earns more from his poultry projects.

However, Gwatiringa insisted that he is only an assistant builder who has since relocated to his rural home as business has been low owing to the Covid-19 lockdown.

He offered to pay $3 000, adding that he has two other children in high school.

Gwatiringa also suggested that Dzere should contribute another $3 000 towards the upkeep of their children.

“She is greedy, Your Worship. I am a pauper and I have nothing in my name. Due to the lockdown, we are not getting any building contracts.

“This is now her money making business. She wants to earn a lot all from these children,” said Gwatiringa.

However, Dzere insisted on getting more money.

When Ms Muchineripi ordered Gwatiringa to pay the $3 000 he had offered, Dzere was not impressed.

She begged the court to grant her more.

“My children are still young and should get a large chunk of his earnings,” argued Dzere.

However, Ms Muchineripi stood her ground and ordered Dzere to fork out the same amount towards the upkeep of her children.