Sex scandal at Choppies…Trainee tells all after third pregnancy by same manager

A MANAGER at a Choppies Supermarket in Bulawayo has been accused of pestering trainees for sex and allegedly impregnating one of them twice.

Jealous Moyo, a manager at Choppies Aaromart at the Bulawayo Centre branch is accused of demanding sex in exchange for jobs at the supermarket.

One of the victims who spoke to B-Metro, Princess Moyo opened up about her ordeal and disclosed that she decided to speak out after her lover-cum-boss started coercing her to terminate her third pregnancy by him.

“He would threaten us that we would lose our jobs. He would make it as though he was in the relationship with just one of us and keep it a secret but since women are women, we talk and things end up coming out.

“I am heartbroken because I have risked my life for this man and shamed my parents. I had to quit the job and go to South Africa because I feared for my life. He late told me that he is married and cannot have a child out of wedlock,” said Moyo.

B-Metro is in possession of a copy of text messages and WhatsApp conversations between Jealous and Princess. In the chats he persuades her on numerous occasions over a period of two months, to terminate the pregnancy.

Jealous refused to divulge details but described the issue as a family matter which was being resolved internally.

After further questioning, he rubbished the claims and described them as a smear campaign to destroy his reputation.

“These people want nothing but to tarnish my image. Call Princess and have her tell you whatever she wants to tell you,” said Moyo.

However, he did not deny the existence of the conversations and recordings between him and Princess.

Parts of the conversation shows Princess accusing Jealous of using her as a sex toy and being a man who can’t be satisfied by one partner. She also warned him to stop his antics.

“You made me a sex toy. I tried my all to show you how much I loved you, at least cheating with one person was better, maybe our vaginas were not good enough for you. I wonder how many people you slept with; I thank God I didn’t catch HIV. I’m sure your friend Alfred is the one who was pushing you to sleep with all the trainees,” reads part of a conversation.

Princess said he told her that she could not have his baby because it would be bad for his reputation.

“He told me that my child should not live because he has a reputation to protect at church, workplace and community. He must have considered that before his actions. I was desperate for the job and obliged to his demands but I am glad that I learnt his ways at some point,” she said.

She added that he had been threatening her with all sorts of superstition and witchcraft if she did not terminate her third pregnancy.

“Jealous claims to know a Madzimai who could make my life difficult if I don’t oblige. He even involved his wife who asked me to defy him and keep the child on condition that she keeps the baby,” said Moyo.