Sex matters most…

THE way your man sees sex is quite different from your own perception!

It seems love making means so much to men than women. The truth is that men are passionate about it and can even be “crazy” for it. You should know that sex affects the way every man reasons!

Once you understand the importance and benefits of the forbidden fruit to your man, I am sure you will be able to go out of your way to satisfy him and enjoy the benefits which come along with staying with a sexually satisfied man.

Sisters, I just want you to understand the benefits which come with sexual satisfaction.

Have you ever noticed your man’s countenance after you have given him a good dose of ingenuity and generosity in the bedroom? Have you ever observed that he usually feels fulfilled and at ease after a good performance in bed?

Great sex is good for your partner as it takes his body to a state of rest.

Many men who find it difficult to have or sustain an erection think they are not man enough in their own eyes; they have a bad self image of themselves. On the other hand, a sexually satisfied man develops self confidence.

Sex fulfils his manhood, makes him feel good about himself and makes him appreciate himself as a man. I have met women who complain about their partner’s low self esteem resulting in them even being afraid of going with their partners to public places because they spoil the party as they will be quiet. To all those sisters who have been looking for a solution to their partner’s low self esteem, the only solution is sexually satisfying him!

I understand that a research was once carried out where a group of young men were presented with two options to choose from. They were made to choose between being amputated on the leg, hand or die. They all answered and chose to be amputated than to die. They were then asked to choose between being amputated or becoming impotent.

It is said that 90 percent chose to die than become impotent. These results are a simple indication of the level of importance men attach to their sexuality. This elucidates the reason why your man is unnecessarily angry when you deny him his conjugal rights. The forbidden fruit means a lot to them.

The other thing, it brings the best out of him! Wondering what I mean by that? Just find out for yourself by “dishing” well in the bedroom. If you want the best out of your man, give him sex regularly and see how he will respond to you with love, care and admiration. On the other hand, if you want the worst out of him deny him sex regularly and see the animal in the man. I have noticed that when you visit some homes, from the man’s actions; you can tell that he is being starved in the bedroom as they are just cheeky and not happy at all.

A sexually satisfied man is likely to be a loving husband and that results in an intimate marriage full of love and peace. Some unexplained behaviours of your man can be traced to the bedroom. Likewise, unusual care and display of great affection can also be traced to sexual fulfilment.

A good sex life provokes a good marriage life. It brings a man closer to his wife, enhances good communication and culminates in good togetherness, oneness, fondness and unity among couples. It makes you best friends and makes you always want to be close to each other.

Words are insufficient to describe how he feels when he encounters you in a fulfilling way. Sex arouses great commitment. His body system is renewed, his focus shifted from his business or career to you. Every gland and organ in his body seems to reach another level as he holds you tightly, speaks in esoteric languages, shouts and praises you.

This precipitates a great transfer of himself into you. He feels like he is enveloped in your body as he releases a powerful dose of semen into your cookie-jar. He can hardly describe his experience, all he can say is I enjoyed it. He is only permitted to experience this with you and you must therefore give him your all. Never allow him to look elsewhere for that can be disastrous and can go to a point of no return and the man would be gone.

A sexually fulfilled man at home will be bold enough to face the challenges of the world. He believes in himself and conjectures that if he can conquer his wife he can surmount any obstacle! A sexually dissatisfied man can find it difficult to concentrate and some may even search foolishly for fulfilment outside, ultimately jeopardising their marriage, business and life.

A satisfied husband hardly looks outside for the forbidden fruit. If a woman is ingenious enough to give her best to her man and “milk” the best out of him, the man will be too satisfied to think of any other woman. There should be no sexual “drought” at home!

Sisters, learn to loosen your panties and unlock your skirt for him a little. Let him enjoy you; let him have a feel of his love for you. Never allow him to think of any other woman, tell him and prove that you are enough for him. Show him you are more than capable to satisfy all his bedroom desires.

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