‘Sex is a bore and he assaults me every night’

Paul Gaisi

SEX is a bore and my husband is violent.

Such is the case for Precious Kweswa from Bellevue suburb in Bulawayo. She said her husband Paul Gaisi beats her every night without fail, leaving little time to even enjoy sex.

“He is very abusive and beats me at night. He even threatens to kill me so I don’t even know what to do now. I’m no longer at peace and I don’t enjoy sex with this man,” said Kweswa.

But it was not always the case, earlier in their marriage life was like heaven on earth. That was until her husband’s oppressive nature slowly came out of its shell.

“He started by forbidding me from visiting my relatives. He would beat me up every time I visited them. Then he started accusing me of cheating and would constantly insult me in public. Now he beats me and chases me out every night,” said a teary Kweswa.

A source close to the troubled couple said Kweswa’s life is in danger.

“We are afraid that one day we might wake up to find that she is dead,” said the source.
Gaisi admitted to abusing his wife because he did not trust her.

“We had disputes resulting from suspicions of infidelity. I cannot say more than that because I’m hoping we will live peacefully together again,” said Gaisi.

Kweswa has since applied for a protection order at the courts.

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