All-punches-no-sex woman calls it quits

A MARRIED Bulawayo woman is at odds with her husband after he allegedly starved her of sex for the past two years.

After being left in the cold, Siphilisiwe Ncube(25), decided to leave her marriage as she was now treated like an outsider and her husband, Qhubani Mpofu had turned into a stranger who did not find it necessary to have quality time with her.

B-Metro gathered that the two have been married for seven years and they have three children together.

Narrating her ordeal, Ncube said she was still trying to come to terms with the decision Mpofu made.

The problem started when Mpofu turned unpleasant in the marriage and started denying her conjugal rights and later on started pummelling her over silly excuses.

Ncube told B-Metro that her marriage was no longer enjoyable and she therefore decided to move out.

“I did not see any reason to stay with my husband as he was no longer taking me as his wedded wife but a woman whom he had turned into a punching bag. I moved out and right now I am staying alone. My children are now staying with my mum in rural areas because I cannot afford to keep them,” said Ncube.

“I am failing to understand the reason behind his failure to support his children because he owns a shop in Queens Park,” she continued.

B-Metro also talked to Ncube’s neighbour identified as Lindiwe Makoni who also narrated Ncube’s emotional story.

“Ncube told me her story and I tried talking to them but I failed. I understand what Ncube is going through because I am also a woman and I know how it feels when a man shows lack of interest especially when it comes to sex,” Makoni said.

Ncube said she still loved him and she was prepared to go back to her marriage if Mpofu changed his behaviour and became the man she once knew.

When contacted, Mpofu was not willing to comment.

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