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Priest’s Son Accused of Selling Girlfriend’s Car to Pay Lobola for Another Woman

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In a dramatic tale of betrayal and financial disputes, Blessing Manyange, the son of Bethsaida Apostolic Church priest Fungayi Manyange, stands accused of selling his girlfriend Charity Madare’s Honda Fit to finance lobola for another woman, Petronella.

The act shattered Charity’s trust, leading to confrontations demanding reimbursement for all she had given Blessing during their relationship. Acknowledging his actions, Blessing admitted to selling Charity’s car and recounted her insistence on full repayment, including other contributions she made.

Facing threats of exposure to the congregation by Charity, Blessing chose to leave the church community, fearing damage to his reputation. He even warned her of legal repercussions for defamation after she posted about their situation on social media.

Involving their families, Priest Manyange met with Charity and agreed to repay the car’s value in installments. However, financial difficulties due to economic challenges in Zimbabwe have hampered timely payments.

Charity expressed disappointment in the minimal payments made so far, highlighting the emotional toll of Blessing’s actions and the contrast with expectations for a priest’s son.

The incident underscores a poignant clash between personal ethics, familial responsibilities, and financial strains, set against the backdrop of a community deeply affected by economic hardship