Pay up or Strip! – Cop shamed as ex orders him to strip during exam

a Bulawayo woman decided on a special way to get revenge on her estranged cop lover following their emotional break-up.

For Tholakele Mazinyani from Nkulumane suburb it was “pay up or strip down” when she publicly shamed her ex-lover Armstrong Murefu during an exam by sternly ordering him to undress saying she wanted back the clothes she bought him during the subsistence of their relationship.

Tholakele Mazinyani

Tholakele Mazinyani

Murefu was in a relationship with Mazinyani for almost 10 months before the affair broke down after Mazinyani allegedly discovered that he (Murefu) was married.

This emerged at the Bulawayo Civil Court where a distraught Murefu was seeking a protection order against Mazinyani claiming she shamed him by ordering him to remove his clothes in the middle of a heated row.

Following the upsetting incident, Murefu who is now living in fear wanted Mazinyani to be stopped from stalking or visiting him at his home or workplace.

“On 1 January this year I fell in love with Tholakele Mazinyani. During the subsistence of our relationship she started being jealous and she was now phoning my female friends and workmates insulting them.

“On 14 September she came to my office and started accusing me of having another girlfriend and in the process she blocked my way before verbally abusing me.

“As if that was not enough, on 17 October she followed me to the examination venue and ordered me to undress,” said Murefu adding that he was now living in fear as a result of Mazinyani’s violent behaviour.

In her opposing affidavit, Mazinyani however, defended her actions saying Murefu was the one who was always threatening her with arrest whenever she demanded back her money which she lent him when they were still in love.

“The applicant (Armstrong Murefu) failed to bring a good case before this court. His application for a protection order is defective in the sense that he lied to this honourable court that I threatened her.

“Our problems started when I terminated our relationship and it was after I had discovered that he was married.

After that I started demanding back the goods and money which he took from me during the subsistence of our relationship. He is refusing to bring them back and whenever I demand them he threatens me with arrest saying he is a police officer,” said Mazinyani.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties to keep peace by not verbally, emotionally abusing and stalking each other.

In addition, the magistrate also ordered Mazinyani to stay away from Murefu’s premises and workplace.

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