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One-night stand leaves man barefooted

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PAY up! Israel Phiri (22) now knows that payment plans are not the best payment method when dealing with ladies of the night, more so during this period of cash shortages.

Phiri hooked up with self-confessed hooker Thandeka Mlilo for a night of passion at a cost of $15 cash. Initially Phiri was charged $25 but managed to negotiate for a 40 percent discount, at that point they took off to Mlilo’s home in Cowdray Park.

Because Phiri’s negotiations raised suspicion, Mlilo asked for payment before sex.

However, again she lost to Phiri’s sweet tongue and they had sex before payment.

Phiri enjoyed himself and fell asleep next to Mlilo but reality was to strike in the morning as Mlilo demanded her dues.

Phiri then used an old trick of “having lost his wallet” but Mlilo knowing all the tricks in the trade started drama that attracted her landlord.

Just in time, B-Metro had arrived on the scene and Mlilo gave this reporter an interview in between her rants.

“I met him at Manor Hotel and he said he wanted to sleep with me at my place. That’s why I am angry,” she said.

She was not to let him go scotfree.

“I’m being lenient with him. At least he should give me his shoes but he’s refusing,” she added before going ahead to get his pair of Daniel Hatcher shoes forcibly.

Phiri begged this reporter not to write the story because he had a girlfriend.

“Please don’t put me in the paper, I will lose my girlfriend as soon as she reads the story,” he said.

After an hour Phiri gave in to his shoes’ forfeiture and was seen leaving the house barefooted.