The “smart condom” is no longer a joke – the i.Con has become a reality.

Being the first of its kind, the new device has the ability to assess performance and helps detect Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

The i.Con is viewed as the “FitBit” for the penis and provides men with all the statistics needed to improve performance in the sack, according to The Sun.

This includes duration, speed and girth measurements. Most importantly it can detect chlamydia and syphilis.

The ring has an antibodies filter, and when proteins or antigens which are found in STDs are detected it will send an alert to the smartphone app, reported the Mirror.

i.Con is an adjustable ring worn at the base of a condom and can be worn multiple times, reports Daily Mail.

If you’re concerned about your personal information getting out, the UK-based company British Condoms has assured consumers that this information will be kept anonymous.

For those who’d like to share the love, there’s an option to send information to friends and family.

The device is managed via a smartphone app with the aid of Bluetooth technology.

Over 90 000 people have already pre-ordered the i.Con which will be released later this year at £59,99 (about R1 110).

Adam Leverson, lead engineer on the i.Con project, explained: “Not only have we innovated the world’s first smart condom ring that will measure pretty much every aspect of performance in the bedroom, but now I’m pleased to confirm that it will also have built-in indicators to alert the users to any potential STDs present.”

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