Mucheke man deserts home as phone exposes nude pics with 18 different girls

MASVINGO – A woman from Mucheke in Masvingo got the shock of her life recently when she got her husband’s pin number and unlocked his phone to find pictures of him cuddled naked with several different women. She counted the number of girlfriends that the husband was dating and they were more than 18.
The Mirror talked to an exasperated Patience Musengi who didn’t know what to do because as she said, taking legal action would take all her life.
“There are more than one-and-half dozen girlfriends in my husband’s phone. Some of them pose together with him naked while others send their nude pictures to him. Each and every girlfriend whose chat I came across has been promised a child so where do I start if I want to sue. Where can I get the resources and time to pursue each of those women?” agonised Musengi.
Efforts to get a comment from Wonder Magezani were fruitless as he did not have a handset after his phone was impounded by Musengi.
The Mirror however, managed to track one of Magezani’s girlfriends Patience Mukuze whose nude pictures are all over the phone.
Mukuze confirmed her relationship with Magezani but told The Mirror in a telephone interview that she has since moved away from Nyika Growth Point where she was a shopkeeper following threats from Musengi. She could neither confirm nor deny that she was someone else’s wife who was taken over by Magezani. However, Naison Chihambakwe said that Mukuze was his wife and their relationship broke down when Magezani came along.
Most pictures seen by The Mirror show Magezani and Mukuze in bed naked. They are also seen kissing but a large number of pictures are of Mukuze displaying her private parts.
The Mirror also read various chats between Magezani and different girlfriends. In most of the chats he pleads with the girlfriends to send him their nude pictures and to also bear him a child.
The Mirror understands that Magezani stays with his school-going son at Bikita Minerals while his wife stays with the rest of the family in Mucheke High Density Suburb. The girlfriends were discovered when the son tipped the mother on his father’s pin number and she managed to get into the phone that had been left on the charger.
Magezani came back to find his wife going through the pictures and sneaked out and never to return. It is now four weeks after he disappeared from home. – Masvingo Mirror

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