More couples are meeting online than in real life, here’s why hiring matchmaker is an alternative

We hear countless Tinder success stories every day. Last November, my best friend married her Tinder match. And I was recently in the company of two strangers, and all three of us confessed to meeting our current partners on this much-loved (and equally loathed) dating app.

Meeting someone in real life (IRL) has almost become unfathomable for many singles. Online is our comfort zone – we can chat more freely, be more playful.

“Couples who meet through personal introductions start off with some guarantee that the introducer knows them both and has a fair idea that they have a lot in common,” says Shannon Davidoff, an expert local matchmaker.

A recent study published in Stanford’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, confirmed that more heterosexual couples are now meeting online as supposed to the old-fashioned way – through friends, family or co-workers.

How Couples Meet” chart, updated July 2019


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