Money changer runs berserk after finding lover with ex-husband


IN a dramatic incident a man ran berserk, beat his girlfriend and destroyed property after he found her with her ex-husband at her home in Lobengula West suburb in Bulawayo.

A source said Henry “Harare”, an illegal money changer who is known to many people as “Harare” at his Chicken Inn based opposite Tredgold courts, visited Memory Mahohoma at her house and found her in the company of Elliot Mukaro, her former husband.

Henry lost his cool and accused Memory of two-timing him with her ex.

More was yet to unfold. The livid Henry grabbed his girlfriend by the throat while accusing her of being a person of loose morals, said the source.

In a fit of rage Henry slapped Memory on the face while calling her names.

Money changer runs berserk after finding lover with ex-husband

The source said: “He insulted her and accused her of having wasted his time since she was cheating on him and said she did not appreciate what he had done for her.”

He threatened to smash Mukaro’s car. Fearing for his life and his car Mukaro drove off at high speed, leaving Memory at the mercy of the furious Henry.

“He hit her with open hands all over the body and tore her skirt. She bled,” said the source.

As if that was not enough Henry smashed a television set and windows.

Memory said: “My ex-husband (Elliot Mukaro) had come to give our second-born child a cake since it was his birthday. Henry got angry after finding me with my former husband and thought we were mending our relationship.”

Elliot Mukaro

She added: “He insulted us before hitting me with open hands and threatened to smash my ex-husband’s car.

Mukaro fled. He then assaulted me before destroying my television set, windows and other things.”

Memory reported the matter at Magwegwe Police Station, but later on withdrew the case after Henry promised to replace the property he damaged.

“After the incident he sent his friends to ask for forgiveness on his behalf and promised to replace all the items he destroyed. I had to forgive him after he bought the television set and replaced damaged windows and bought other items which he had destroyed. Please do not write this story because I will face some harsh consequences at my workplace,” she said.

Memory whose marriage ended after she was caught cheating in 2018 was once in the media for the wrong reasons.

Memory Mahohoma

At the time Mukaro told the court that: “Mahohoma was just bitter that I left her after discovering she was unfaithful.

“She came to claim maintenance because she is bitter. I left her. I discovered that she was having extra-marital affairs. I was disappointed and I decided to move out of the house. I came across numerous WhatsApp love messages on her phone,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Henry were fruitless as his mobile number went straight to voicemail and efforts to get hold of him through his wife’s mobile number hit a snag as she said she did not know where he was.

“For a couple of days he has not been coming home and I don’t know where he is,” she said.

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