Mliswa responds to ex-lover’s claims he’s gay and plots to eliminate July Moyo using rituals

Happy days: Susan Vivian Mutami and Temba Mliswa

NORTON MP Temba Mliswa has shot back at juicy claims by philanthropist and ex-lover Susan Mutami who accused him of being in a homosexual relationship with one of his close associates, Goodwell Chinyama.

Mutami wants out of her relationship with Mliswa and says she has had enough even as she is carrying his twins. Mliswa already has 18 children with multiple women.

Mutami also has said Temba is trying to get rid of his political opponent July Moyo and he is reportedly performing rituals against the Local Government Minister.

Mutami was speaking during a tell-all interview with Zim Morning Post when she dropped the bombshell and said:

I can tell you that Temba has so far travelled across all provinces dropping snuff (bute) as part of a ritual for him to gain political power. He says ndinosvikirwa, ndinesvikiro (I am a spirit medium).

That is one of the reasons I want nothing to do with him.

He told me one of his sangomas said he will be president but first, Temba had to clear one political hurdle and that is July Moyo.

At his farm (Springfarm, Karoi) he has a room that he does his rituals naming July Moyo.

The exact reason why July Moyo is allegedly on Mliswa’s radar was not established. Mutami also said Mliswa was not related to President and further claimed President Mnangagwa probably just tolerates Mliswa’s name-dropping because of his good heart.

Temba is not related to the president (as he claims) and neither am I. Its just that the president is a man with a good heart that is probably why he continues to tolerate Temba.

Apart from the July Moyo bombshell, Mutami also made several claims against the outspoken MP and even said Temba makes money through extortion and he is broke and is struggling to take care of some of his 18 children.

WhatsApp conversation between Temba and Mutami

The 32-year-old said their relationship has been sour from day one, since they started dating in October 2020, but reached breaking point when he asked her to bring a man into their bed.

“I was stunned. Here was a man who had told me upon meeting me that he had left all this behind him,” she told Zim Morning Post as she was vacating Mliswa’s Avondale Villa.

“He had told me that he had done it all: bisexual, sex with man, four-somes. He said he had 18 children but because he was turning 50 he wanted to get a get a vasectomy. I don’t hold people’s past against them and he sounded sincere so I accepted,” she said.

No holding back…Musami confronts Mliswa on allegations that he is sleeping with his associate, one Goodwell Zinyama.

“But recently I discovered that he was sleeping with one of his male associates, Goodwill Zinyama.”

Mliswa has responded to Susan’s claims saying she was being used by his political opponents, adding that the claim that he was gay had failed to stick on him before.

“All I can say about this very entertaining and sensational article about me is that Susan is a project who couldn’t continue paying rent at my apartment in Avondale and so left. She unfortunately has the habit of name dropping to achieve her ends,” said Mliswa.

“Next time she should advise her handlers to strategise better and punch harder as the gay slur was a weak blow which couldn’t be further from the truth. I can only warn any other would-be victims against her; beware!!

“I could say and show more, but I’ll leave it at that as one day people will know who she is…,” Mliswa added.

Mliswa also accused the publication of poor journalist for not giving him the right to respond.

“… this one sided account is unbecoming of someone I had held in greater stead; the epitome of poor journalism. What is the motive, what is the agenda, whose payroll are you on? Very sad. Anyway, it’s water under the bridge, we move on,” he said.

Norton Private Clinic receives essential equipment from Susan Mutami | Zimbabwe News Newsdzezimbabwe

Yesterday, Mutami said she feels sorry for Mliswa as the image he portrays of himself is far from who he truly is.

“Temba is broke and lives off extortion. On countless occasions I have given him money,” she said.

“He has 18 children but he is failing to look after them. On numerous occasions his baby mamas call him seeking money for upkeep their kids, which he does not provide.”

Mutami said upon meeting Mliswa he portrayed himself “like a reformist and you take his word because you say munhu uyu aneta. He will settle. But it has proved to be the opposite.”

“I am no homophobic, given the chance I would want to donate to gays and lesbians. I don’t judge people and I don’t hold anyone’s past against them.”

Mutami narrated how she had met with Mliswa in October 2020 during a ceremony in which she was donating medical suppliers in Norton.

“He asked me out. He later took me to his rural home in Shurugwi. He performed an HIV test on me and I had no problem with that.”

Mliswa would later ask her for donations to setup a COVID-19 centre in Hurungwe, allegedly to further his political aspirations.

According to Mutami, to whom Mliswa confided with, the Norton MP’s hunger for political power has forced him to consult ‘spiritual assistance’ from traditional healers. – Zim Morning

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