Man impregnates, moves in with wife’s sister

A BULAWAYO woman got a rude shock after her husband deserted her and eloped with her younger sister whom he had allegedly impregnated.

Zibusiso Hlabangana

Zibusiso Hlabangana

Zibusiso Hlabangana had a good and happy home before her younger sister came to stay with her and promptly began an affair with her husband Sibangilizwe Khumalo.

Khumalo is employed as a conductor by Revival Bus Services.

Sibangalizwe Khumalo

Sibangalizwe Khumalo

The embattled Hlabangana broke the shocking news at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against Khumalo.

A foul mood engulfed the court when she said her husband has since deserted her to stay with her younger sister.

“Sibangilizwe Khumalo is my customary husband and we got married in 2001. My husband has always been violent towards me. He moved out of our matrimonial home three months ago to stay with my younger sister whom he impregnated.

“On 25 June this year he assaulted me after I confronted him over the money I had given him to buy a stove. He beat me up until I collapsed and I was hospitalised at Mpilo Hospital after I sustained a deep cut on the upper lip.

“I also sustained some head injuries and I am supposed to go for a CT (computerised tomography) scan to make sure that I didn’t suffer a fractured skull or a serious brain injury but I don’t have money to do so,” lamented Hlabangana.

She insisted that she was struggling to come to terms that her younger sister was now “taking good care” of her husband, adding that sometime in 2015 Khumalo once viciously assaulted her and shattered her leg.

Khumalo who appeared to be in an awkward position didn’t refute his wife’s accusations. He said the situation (impregnation of his sister-in-law) threw him into a dire situation that no married man should face in life.

“It is true that I abused her but all problems started after I impregnated her younger sister,” tersely responded Khumalo.

His response however, invited the anger of the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who allegedly spit venom at him saying he was behaving like a “monster”.

“You are behaving like a monster Mr Khumalo. Instead of apologising to your wife for impregnating her younger sister you went on to assault her.

“That’s not good at all and if you keep on doing that you will rot in prison since the order which I am going to grant carries a warrant of arrest if you violate it,” charged the magistrate.

In his ruling the magistrate then ordered Khumalo not to physically and emotionally abuse his estranged wife. – B-Metro

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