Man describes ex-wife child bearing machine


A MUTARE man has labelled his ex-wife a child bearing machine who has six children with different men.

Blessing Chirume also accuses Lota Zindove of harassing him and has since applied for a protection order against her.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato granted the protection order in Chirume’s favour.

The order will be valid for the next five years.

Mr Chipato ordered Zindove not to threaten, harass and disturb Chirume’s peace as well as not to visit his Chitakatira Village home and workplace.

The ruling came after Chirume had told the court that Zindove is threatening to send some goons to assault him since he had moved in with another woman as his second wife.

He also said Zindove is in the habit of visiting his workplace to humiliate him in the presence of his colleagues as she demands money.

Chirume said Zindove also harasses his second wife, labelling her a woman of loose morals.

However, Zindove denied the allegations.

“I have never visited them at Chitakatira Village.

“He is the one who comes to my place of residence to assault and insult me, labelling me a witch. He tells anyone who cares to listen to him that I am the one who kills and eats their children,” said Zindove.

“When he visits me, he takes all my clothes and soaks them in water, both the dirty and clean ones.

“He also takes all the foodstuffs and throws them outside and humiliates me in the presence of my children and neighbours, labelling me a witch and a woman of loose morals,” she said.

She also told the court that Chirume is not paying for his children’s school fees.

Zindove added that Chirume threatened to hire the services of a Murehwa-based sangoma to cast a spell on her.

However, Chirume denied the allegations and said Zindove was fabricating everything to tarnish his good social standing.

“She is a talented child bearing machine. Her other five children are not mine and I cannot take care of those children. She should look for their fathers so that they maintain their children,” said Chirume.

Zindove did not dispute this, but went on to ask for a letter from the court so that she could use it to get Chirume’s payslip from his employers, detailing his actual earnings for her to apply for maintenance.

The court granted her wish. – Manica Post

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