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Man calls daughter in law a ‘gold digger’

Colman Gumbo and Khayelihle Nkomo
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A man from Jahe Village in Tsholotsho, Matabeleland North Province shocked a court when he repeatedly disowned a woman who claimed she was married to his son who was shot dead in South Africa early this year saying she was a “gold digger” trying to steal the deceased’s assets.

Colman Gumbo said his alleged daughter-in-law Khayelihle Nkomo wanted to reap where she did not sow by claiming that she was married to his late son for 17 years.

In a desperate bid to apparently shame Nkomo, Gumbo accused her of bedding one of their relatives. 

This was after Gumbo who was seeking a protection order against Nkomo had told the court that he (Nkomo) was constantly harassing her while accusing her of causing the death of her husband.

“Colman Gumbo is my father-in-law. He has gone violent and is demanding a share from his son’s property who was also my husband and was shot dead on 17 January this year in South Africa. I am no longer living in peace as he is also sending me threatening messages while accusing me of killing my husband.

“He is also accusing me of sleeping with one of their relatives and of having forcibly taken my husband’s property. By doing this, he is emotionally and psychologically abusing me,” complained Nkomo.

In defence, Gumbo had no kind words for Nkomo whom he labelled his late son’s makhwapheni (small house) who was trying to steal his assets.

“It is not true that she is my daughter-in-law. She was never married to my son but she was just one of his lovers for four years. She wanted a protection order against me so as to stop me from pursuing her after she forcibly took my late son’s property. I also heard from my son before he passed on that she was bedding one of our relatives,” angrily responded Gumbo.

Nkomo, however, insisted that she knew Gumbo as her father-in-law since 2002.

For the purpose of maintaining peace and order between the two parties the presiding magistrate Racheal Mukanga ordered Gumbo not to verbally and emotionally abuse Nkomo and to send her any abusive or threatening messages.