‘Love me instead of my brother or else . . .’

SHOWING more affection to a young son has come back to haunt a Dangamvura woman after her other son threatened to axe her for that.

Alice Maparura recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Perseverance Makala, applying for a protection order against her son, Takudzwa Kanyemba (30) who is threatening to kill her with an axe, accusing her of favouring his young brother over him.

Maparura said she now lives in fear of Takudzwa’s threats.

Takudzwa is a tout, while the ‘favoured child’ is doing Form Six, hence he is more intelligent than him, according to Takudzwa.Takudzwa also questioned why his brother has a passport, yet as the elder brother he does not have one.

Maparura also claimed that Takudzwa also threatened to stab her son over the issue.

“My son is threatening to kill me with an axe, accusing me of loving his brother more than him.

“He said I love his brother more than him because he is more intelligent as he is doing Form Six.

“Takudzwa also questioned me on why his brother has a passport, yet he does not have one. He also threatened to stab my son as well as burn his passport. He said he will chase my son from home and burn my tuck-shop,” said Maparura.

She also said Takudzwa was in the habit of coming home late at night, making a lot of noise.

Maparura said at one time, Takudzwa pointed a knife at her, saying he wanted to kill her for no apparent reason.

She said Takudzwa is unrepentant as he is doing community service after he was caught with drugs.

Takudzwa told the court that he was drunk when he was arrested for possessing drugs.

He said he had lost his mind and was not in a position to explain what happened leading to his arrest.

The protection order which is valid for five years was granted.

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