‘Living with my husband at my parents’ house after we both lost our jobs saved our marriage’

I moved out of home when I was 19 years old for university and I never looked back. I never thought that I would be living back at home in 2020 with my husband of 8 years.

For many people, 2020 has been a year of loss and this was the year both my husband and I got retrenched. This was unexpected for both of us, but bills still had to be paid.

Being unemployed and having to continue to pay bills took a toll on our marriage.

It was difficult trying to make ends meet, and on top of that, we were stuck with one another in our small apartment because of lockdown.

Out of frustration, we would bicker over the smallest things, and the house’s mood was constantly somber. Things started becoming worse when we sold our cars, just for us to be able to afford our rent and pay our bills.

My husband and I even slept in separate rooms for a while. I was even considering getting a divorce. That’s how bad things were.

After the third month of desperately job hunting and trying to put food on the table, I suggested that we move to my parents’ home. It wasn’t an easy conversation to have with my husband, but we had no choice.

When we moved in with our parents, it wasn’t easy, especially for my husband.

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My parents were extremely accommodating but we had to adjust to a new lack of privacy and independence. After a month, I noticed a huge difference in our marriage.

We fought less, and because we were forced to sleep in the same room, we had no choice but to sort out our issues.

We were more open with one another, and in some weird way, the change in environment made us more relaxed. I think it’s because we could finally breathe, and the financial burden had been lifted.

We are fortunate that my parents live in a spacious house, and we get to have our own space and a bit of privacy.

Living at home saved our marriage in ways I never knew could. My husband and my parents finally got to know each other even better.

Being around my parents, who have been married for 33 years, gave us hope and showed us a different perspective on marriage. It made us want to work on our marriage and fight for our relationship.

My mom taught me so much about being a wife and the power of patience. We are actively working on our marriage and I think we needed this time to relax and fall in love with one another again. Before we got retrenched, we had a busy lifestyle and hardly had time for our union.

It almost feels like we are re-introducing ourselves to one another, and it’s a beautiful journey to be on.

My husband recently received a great job offer, and we have decided to continue staying at my parents’ home to save to buy a home for ourselves and not rent.

I’ve never been more in love with my husband, and what seemed like a storm in our lives has ended up being showers of blessings for us.  – W24

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