‘l need my husband back’

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OFFERING an estranged wife $100 000 as maintenance failed to convince the woman to let the man go, as she insisted that he should come back home and solve the family’s spiritual problems.

Tapiwa Murapa was left speechless after his estranged wife, Benhilder Chazarira, said she was not interested in the his money as she wanted peace to prevail in the family.

The couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

Chazarira said she cannot accept any bloody money.

“We have been experiencing spiritual attacks and this money is of no use to me. He should come back home and help us bring an end to these spiritual attacks.

“I don’t want to accept the $100 000 from him because for the past 23 years of our marriage I took care of all my needs.

“We were staying together in Harare until his recent transfer to Mutare.

“I would buy everything I wanted from the proceeds of my vending business.

“He left home due to the spiritual attacks haunting the family, resulting in our house being burnt by invisible things.

“At times our children are strangled or attacked by these invisible things.

“A strange force also pulls them and when you try to rescue them, you will realise that the force pulling them is extraordinary.

“I am now afraid of leaving the children alone at home as something might happen to them.

“He has completely turned his back on us as he does not pick our calls when we try to phone him,” said Chazarira.

She also claimed that Murapa is having an affair with a workmate who is the same age as his first child.

Chazarira said Murapa is spoiling his lover at the expense of his family’s happiness.

However, Murapa denied all the allegations and said he only left his wife because of their endless matrimonial disputes.

He described Chazarira as a drama queen and an attention seeker.

“My wife is too good at dramatising things.

“She is lying that I am not taking care of our children because my employer pays our children’s school fees.

“This court should not entertain her theatrics,” said Murapa.

After some haggling, Chazarira finally accepted the $100 000 maintenance money for the upkeep of the couple’s four children.

Mr Chipato also advised Chazarira to look for employment. – Manica Post

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