Jilted man threatens to kill wife with lightning

WHILE many people are happy that the rainy season is upon us, a woman from Ntabazinduna is living in fear of losing her life after her estranged husband threatened to kill her by lightning while in her house.

Rhoda Dlodlo from Madlelenyoni Line claimed her ex-husband Elias Zondo from Dobha Line in ward 5, also in Ntabazinduna, threatened that he had the power to send lightning to kill her as punishment for deserting him. In a desperate bid to stop Zondo from carrying out his chilling threats, a fearful Dlodlo approached the Bulawayo Civil Court and sought a protection order against him.

“I want a protection order to be granted against my ex-husband Elias Zondo. We parted ways because he was an irresponsible man. He was failing to financially support me. He is a drunkard and would drink beer from morning till late at night.

“He would come home very drunk and start insulting me with vulgar language. On 17 September he followed me to my sister’s house where I’m now staying. He came armed with an axe and knobkerrie and was threatening to harm me.

“He also threatened to bewitch me saying he was going to send lightning to kill me together with those I’m staying with. He is also coming late at night at our home and lies in wait in the yard. He is a very dangerous man and I now feel insecure that he can harm me together with those people I’m staying with,” said Dlodlo.

Zondo didn’t, however, refute his ex-wife’s accusations. He said he carried out the threats in a bid to force Dlodlo to reconcile with him.

“Yes, I followed her to where she is now staying because I wanted her to come back home so that we can stay together. I was hurt that she deserted me so that is why I followed her to her place of residence. This is also because I didn’t expect her to leave me just like that,” protested Zondo.

His efforts to reconcile with Dlodlo seemed to have been dampened after the presiding magistrate Nkosinomusa Ncube sternly ordered him that for the next six months he should not to go to her house without her consent or to behave in a violent manner towards her. – B-Metro

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