Sex pest uncle shamed

Nduduzo Khumalo

NO MATTER how strong the urge, don’t even think of doing it or asking for a round of sex from a relative, especially the one you are staying with.

This warning comes after a Bulawayo man Nduduzo Khumalo was named and shamed by his niece Nkosinomusa Melisa Matshazi who claimed the former had been constantly pestering her for sex.

The two stay together in Sunninghill suburb. Khumalo took his lust too far leading his niece last Friday to seek help from the courts.

Apparently, his continued pestering for intimacy turned him into an epitome of shame.

“My uncle is making it uncomfortable and unsafe for me to stay at home. He said to me that he wanted to change our relationship to a ‘like-ship’ one. When I asked him what kind of relationship is that, he said it involves people who kiss and have sex.

“I told him I was not interested but he keeps on pestering me. Now there is tension in the house and from his brothers over that issue. He is now sending messages on our family WhatsApp group threatening me for exposing him,” complained Matshazi.

Some of the messages Khumalo is alleged to have sent his niece were revealed in court.

In a seemingly embarrassing tone, Khumalo disputed his niece’s accusations saying the matter was being handled by their family.

“The allegations she is levelling against me are not true. I asked the elders to look into the issue. We have been staying together since 2010 and I never made any sexual moves towards her,” said a livid Khumalo.

In some of the messages he sent on their family WhatsApp group he is also accusing Nkosinomusa of “seducing” him.

Nkosinomusa Matshazi

Nkosinomusa Matshazi

“Ukumkhipa i-pant and have sex with her, uyangimbuluzela lomntwana. So kutsho ukuthi izinto leziyana ayezenza kimi, kutsho ukuthi phela wayengisethela i-trap. (This child is bragging that I want to remove her underpants and have sex with her. So those moves which she was making to me were a trap).

“What if I had fallen into her deadly traps? Where would I be today? I would be in jail. Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus!” reads part of the messages Khumalo sent to the family WhatsApp group while urging other family members to deal with the issue.

Matshazi who insisted that her uncle became enraged after she didn’t return the affection he long had for her, said she no longer wanted him to talk to her in the absence of other family members.

Her wishes were granted when the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Khumalo not to verbally, abuse or threaten his niece and to talk to her in the absence of other family members.