‘I paid hubby’s fees, it’s a family diploma’

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A LOCAL teacher allegedly tricked his wife into sponsoring his tertiary education before dumping her as soon as he graduated.

Appearing before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, Pelagia Midzi said she sponsored Patrick Sesedzayi to attain a Diploma in Education at Marymount Teachers’ College after they got married.

She was applying for a protection order against Sesedzayi, whom she described as an abusive and violent husband.

Midzi said Sesedzayi dumped her for a more educated wife.

“We got married in Harare and moved to Mutare after he lost his job. He decided to enrol at Marymount Teachers’ College. I sponsored his education from my farming activities. We also sold all our cattle and used the money to pay for his tuition fees, so his diploma belongs to the family.

“l thought better days would come upon the completion of his education, but I was in for a rude awakening after he dumped me as soon as he secured employment,” said Midzi.

She said after his deployment, Sesedzayi deserted her and their three minor children.

He also obtained a bank loan, bought a commuter omnibus and married a new wife.

“He should return the kombi. It is part of the proceeds of my hard work as I sponsored his tertiary education. It was acquired after our marriage, so I have every right to it,” said Midzi.

She also claimed that Sesedzayi wanted to use the cattle they bought together to marry his new wife.

Midzi also asked Sesedzayi to return their matrimonial bed.

“His new wife should have nothing to do with our bed. I married this man in 2001 and that is the bed that we have been using ever since then. In fact, all our three children were conceived on that bed and for him to take it and use it with another woman is taboo,” charged the woman.

“We were together for 21 years and I worked hard for him to be what he is today. It is a bitter pill for me to swallow as l walk out of this marriage with nothing to show for it. If he no longer loves me, he should leave all the property that we acquired together, including the vehicle,” she said.

Sesedzayi, however, had no kind words for his estranged wife.

He claimed that all she wants from him is his salary, not his presence at home.

He also rubbished claims that Midzi sponsored his tertiary education, saying he would work on their land during school holidays to fund himself.

“She cannot claim that the diploma belongs to the family. It is mine, and I will do whatever I want with it. She also cannot tell me what to do with my vehicle. I am keeping it safe because a lot of property went missing when I was still staying with her. I suspect that she was the one selling things behind my back,” he said.

“I still love her, but I will not allow her to control me. I have a new wife and she also deserves my love,” he said.

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Midzi’s favour.

The order, which will be valid for five years, bars Sesedzayi from disposing their matrimonial property without Midzi’s consent.

It also bars him from assaulting, insulting and harassing his first wife.

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