Hubby forces wife to abort Due to child with mistress

Beauty Maseko left and Khulekani Siziba right

ABORTION is a crime!

This advice seems to have no meaning for a Bulawayo man who is reportedly forcing his wife to abort a pregnancy allegedly because he had a child with a “small house”.

Khulekani Siziba (32) from Gwabalanda suburb and a merchandiser with a local supermarket is reportedly venting his frustrations on his wife Beauty Maseko by constantly harassing her after she refused to abort.

Siziba allegedly impregnated his mistress after his wife suffered recurrent miscarriages.

Siziba’s alleged evil decision was exposed by his wife who pleaded with a Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to grant an order that stops her husband from forcing her to perform an abortion.

She claimed that despite her husband’s constant suggestions to terminate the pregnancy she “just can’t bring herself to do it”.

“I am customarily married to Khulekani Siziba. We have been trying to have a baby but with no luck. I suffered a miscarriage on two occasions and now that I am pregnant again, my husband, who has a child with a mistress, is harassing me while forcing me to abort.

“He has since stopped supporting me and continues to harass me saying he will not stop doing so until I terminate the pregnancy.

“This is now stressing me and I therefore request that he should be stopped from insisting that I should abort.

He is also calling me names as punishment for refusing to abort and I am likely to suffer another miscarriage if he continues harassing me,” said Maseko.

Siziba who didn’t dispute his wife’s accusations was lambasted by the magistrate who asked him what he was going to do if his wife died in the event that she had taken heed of his “wicked” instruction to terminate a pregnancy.

A seemingly remorseful Siziba was later ordered by the magistrate not to verbally abuse or threaten his wife or force her to abort.

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