Hubby disappears for three months

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A GOLD panner deserted his family for three months, thereby forcing his wife to pack her bags and relocate to her rural home.

Tracy Mutemachaza, a mother of five minor children, was left with no option but to leave her Mutare lodgings after her husband, Steward Mudachati, disappeared into thin air for three months.

Mutemachaza was heavily pregnant and delivered the couple’s fifth child during Mudachati’s absence.

Following her discharge from hospital, Mutemachaza packed her belongings and left for her rural home on September 9.

Mudachati resurfaced from the “gold panning tunnels”, only to be greeted with an empty house.

After learning that Mudachati had resurfaced, Mutemachaza applied for US$200 maintenance from him.

She said she left their lodgings as the family was running out of food.

She said besides his absence, Mudachati was an abusive husband.

“He once beat me and I passed out. He had to pour water on me to resuscitate me. When I regained consciousness, I bolted out of the house naked. He is very abusive, especially when drunk,” said Mutemachaza.

In response, Mudachati said it will be a tall order for him to take care of the family while they are not staying with him.

“They should come back home. I own a grinding mill and my wife should come back and operate it while I am away looking for more money. The grinding mill does not pay much and that’s why I had to find something else to supplement my income,” he said.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato said Mudachati should work extra hard to raise money for his family’s upkeep.

Mudachati then offered to pay US$15 for the five children’s monthly upkeep.

Mr Chipato ordered him to pay US$40 per month for the upkeep of his children. – Manica Post

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