Hands off my husband!

Nobuhle Sithole (left) and Andile Mhlanga

A Bulawayo woman will swear to stay off married men after her alleged lover’s wife threatened to decisively deal with her as punishment for sleeping with her husband.

Andile Mhlanga was reminded why dating married men was never a good decision after her lover’s wife Nobuhle Sithole issued a firm hands-off warning to her over an adulterous relationship she had with her husband.

As a result of the chilling warning, Mhlanga said she was now going around town constantly looking over her shoulder, afraid that Sithole would violently attack her.

Fearing that Sithole would live true to her threats, Mhlanga last week approached the courts seeking a peace order against her.

“I do hereby apply for a peace order against Nobuhle Sithole. This is because she has been harassing me for the last couple of weeks reason being that she suspects that I am still dating her husband who was once my boyfriend. I have since stopped communicating with her husband and surprisingly she is still coming to my parents’ house to threaten me.

“She has been there twice and my life is now in danger because she is a violent person. I also suspect that she is stalking me and as a result wherever I am going, I’m always looking over my shoulder, afraid that she will attack me,” said Mhlanga.

Sithole, however, disputed Mhlanga’s threat claims saying she only reprimanded her to stop seeing her husband. 

“I have never threatened her. When I went to her parents’ house, I just asked her parents to reprimand her so that she stops dating my husband,” said Sithole.

A heartbroken Sithole also insisted that she had on many occasions spotted Mhlanga with her husband.

In his ruling the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted a reciprocal order which compels both parties to keep peace with each other. – B-Metro

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