Five signs that you may not be ready for a relationship

Relationship expert, the love engineer, Alex Merritt explains the five signs that show that you may not be ready for a relationship.

1. Afraid of being hurt

So often we spend a lot of our time trying to guard our hearts. The biggest fear is being hurt, but if you lead with that going into a relationship, then you basically have closed yourself off from connecting.

2. Constantly working on you

The mindset that “I’m going to protect myself because I’ve been hurt” and that “I am work on myself” is a never-ending project. It’s like a construction project that’s never going to be finished because there’s no real clear end in mind and so it sounds smart to work on yourself but it usually is actually a cop-out to hide out and to not ever open your heart again.

3. No good candidates

Different excuse, it’s just convenient stories we tell ourselves to keep ourselves from having this because if there are no good partners in the area you live in, you only have two choices now: not to meet anyone or move.

4. Waiting on someone else

If you believe that they don’t exist, then you won’t see them even if they are in your circle. Being clear about your mindset will determine first and foremost what you experience.

5. Refusing to date online

Realising that if you want something new, you must be willing to do something new. The refusal to try a different way might show that you are not relationship ready.

Source: W24