Faeces-laced love potion poisons hubby

IN a bizarre twist of events, a woman from Chikondori Village under Chief Ndanga in Zaka nearly killed her husband after she poisoned him by allegedly lacing his food with a love potion prepared with her faeces and herbs.

It is reported that Florence Maregere thought her love life would automatically blossom after her husband Amos Mashamwari takes the “love meal”, but she was shattered to see her plot take a near fatal direction.

Her husband reportedly started complaining of severe abdominal pain soon after consuming just a small portion of the concocted meal.

Fortunately, Mashamwari missed the jaws of death after he experienced several bouts of vomiting after he was rushed to a local prophet who gave him an antidote of salt and milk.

According to a source from the area, when her husband started complaining of excruciating pains, Maregere out of panic confessed to the family that she had poisoned her husband with her faeces and herbs.

She said she got the formula from a friend who convinced her it would make a successful “love cocktail”.

“After her husband started complaining of severe abdominal pains after consuming the potion of the concocted meal, Maregere who seemed to have panicked quickly confessed to the family members that she was the one who had poisoned him after she laced his food with a concoction prepared from her faeces and herbs which she was given by her friend claiming it would enhance her husband’s love for her,” said a source who begged for anonymity.

The source further said Mashamwari who is now recovering, however, no longer wanted anything to do with his wife adding that the matter was set to be heard before Chief Ndanga’s traditional court where Maregere is likely to be fined for her alleged evil acts.

Chief Ndanga confirmed the incident,

“It is true that an incident of that nature happened though I am yet to get full details of what really transpired when the parties approach my traditional court. Although, we have dealt with cases involving love potions before, this one is unique following reports that the concoction was prepared from human waste,” said Chief Ndanga.