Ex-girlfriend takes Matonga to court

Former deputy minister of Information, Bright Matonga, is up in arms with his ex-girlfriend, Thombizodwa Choto, who has petitioned the High Court seeking an order to compel him to present himself at the American Embassy to give his consent for the pair’s child to travel abroad.

Choto said she cohabited with Matonga for 10 months and gave birth to a minor child who is currently in her custody.

The woman said problems with Matonga started when her company, Dubtess Investments (Pvt) Ltd, was involved in a legal wrangle with Matonga. As a result, her firm obtained a court order which resulted in Matonga’s property being attached for execution.

“A few days after I (Choto) advised the respondent (Matonga) to appear personally at the American Embassy, the Sheriff of the High Court attached property belonging to the respondent. However, with great sadness and disappointment to our minor child, the respondent very rudely and bluntly refused to take all the necessary steps to enable the child to travel with me,” she said.

“Soon after the Sheriff of the High Court attached the respondent’s property, the respondent has been ignoring my calls and messages. This is totally unreasonable. He is trying to fix me. He has not given an explanation for refusing to appear at the embassy. I intend to travel for a holiday to the United States of America with my son on April 1, 2019.”

According to Choto, Matonga was made aware of the travel arrangements and was subsequently asked to appear personally at the US Embassy to sign all the necessary documents to enable his son to travel to the US.

“The respondent is exclusively using the minor child as an avenue to attack me. It is now that he is withholding his consent simply because my company executed a valid court order against him,” she said. The matter is pending.

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