Elderly man ‘cries’ over sex drought

Norah Chakanaka

AN elderly man from Lobengula West in Bulawayo nearly shed tears at the civil court while narrating to the presiding magistrate how his wife was sexually frustrating him despite a “court ruling” which compelled her not to emotionally and “sexually” abuse him.

Never Chakanaka claimed his wife Norah Chakanaka was sexually starving him and spirited efforts to have her come back to the bedroom hit a brick wall.

He tearfully begged the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to restore his conjugal rights adding that his wife was also giving him one meal a day.

“I am married to Norah (Chakanaka) under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and it still subsists. I obtained a protection order on 8 June in which my wife was ordered by the court not to emotionally and sexually abuse me.

“Despite the ruling my wife is still abusing me by denying me my conjugal rights, she makes one meal a day for me.

“On 15 June I reported her to ZRP Magwegwe for violating the contents of the protection order but nothing was done by the police, prompting me to come back to court,” complained Never.

On 8 June he was granted a protection order after he approached the courts saying his wife was accusing him of using mubobobo on their daughters and neighbours.

He said his wife was also accusing him of being a wizard and being in possession of goblins.

His complaint was not entertained by the magistrate who said he misinterpreted the ruling granted on his initial application for a protection  order.

“I think you didn’t properly understand the ruling. I didn’t say your wife should not deny you sex but I just ordered her not to verbally and emotionally abuse you.

“Since you are legally married under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and want to restore your conjugal rights it is better that you approach the High Court,” ruled the magistrate.

The magistrate also advised him to approach the police if his wife continued to violate the contents of the protection order he granted on 8 June.