He doesn’t fit your family’s standards

Most parents have a vision in their heads about the kind of partner they want for you so they impose it on your as you grow up. Some requirements include a successful career, being childless, and a six-figure salary. Without these a guy is automatically disqualified because if you were to bring him home your parents would never take him seriously.

He doesn’t have a degree

As petty as this might sound, there are people who take this very seriously. For most people this is motivated by the future,  in a sense that you’ve visualised your future to be in a certain way. You want to be those parents with Masters degrees so your children can follow in your footsteps.

He doesn’t dress to your taste

For some people appearance is everything so if he’s more of a sweats and T-shirt kind of guy chances are you won’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

He makes less money than you

This is probably one of the most common reasons faced by many women. Matchmaker and relationship expert Samantha Daniels says many women don’t want to face the awkwardness that comes when the bill comes. Do you pay or let him even though his pay check is way lesser than yours? Tough one!

He’s not age appropriate

It’s either he’s too young or too old. When dating a younger man you, you risk being accused of being a sugar mommy and if it’s other way around he’s a sugar daddy. Issues of immaturity and stability also come to play when considering the age factor.

He’s shorter than you

How often do you  hear a woman say their ideal man is short, dark and handsome? Not too often right? Tall men are often given preference over the short ones.